Become the sub Dominants crave

A 6-week, learn at your own pace digital course designed for people who want to explore their submissive side.

  • Gain the confidence you need as a beginner sub of any gender, whilst avoiding the common mistakes.

  • Engage in dominance and submission play in a safe and consensual way.

  • Find a Dom and communicate effectively with existing or new partners about your desires.

Course overview

The course for those wanting to experience the Dom sub dynamics they've always fantasised about, guilt and shame free.

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring their submissive side, inside or outside the bedroom. It is suitable whether you are single, or currently in a relationship. The skills taught will provide you with practical steps to introduce elements of dominance and submission (part of BDSM) into your sex life, or everyday relationship if you so choose.

You’ll learn what it means to be a submissive, and how to uncover the type of submissive you wish to be. You’ll learn a simple way to figure out what turns you on, and how to discuss limits, desires, kinks, and boundaries with current or future partners. You’ll also learn how to handle difficult conversations, such as how to bring up a conversation about kink with your partner.

Course curriculum

Over the course of 8 modules you'll learn everything you need to know about Dom sub dynamics, how you can become an incredible sub, and how to build the type of relationship you've always dreamed of.

  • Introduction

    A welcome to the course, how to access our student community, and what to expect on your journey.

  • Build a Foundation

    Build a strong foundation of Dom/sub knowledge on which to base your dynamic, explore different styles of submission, and know what to expect during a scene.

  • Design Your Submissive Blueprint

    Understand your true desires and what’s driving them, identify activities which turn you on, set healthy boundaries, and come away with your very own Submissive Blueprint which details exactly what you need from a Dom sub relationship.

  • Keep Yourself Safe

    Engage in BDSM in a safe and consensual way, protect yourself when interacting with Dominants and recognise Fake Doms fast by watching for warning signs.

  • Harness Your Submissive Energy

    Develop your submissive mindset, seduce your partner by creating sexual D/s polarity with practical activities, and influence your partner to take a more dominant role.

  • Introduce D/s into the Bedroom

    Understand the main bedroom activities you can try; have the hot, kinky sex you’ve always fantasised about; and learn how to plan a BDSM scene.

  • Communicate Your Desires

    Find a Dominant who matches your needs, level up your communication skills, confidently discuss BDSM with new or existing partners, introduce D/s into an existing relationship, and connect with your partner at a deeper level.

  • Go Deep into Submission

    Go beyond the bedroom with daily disciplines to heighten your submissiveness; introduce more intense BDSM practices into your relationship; and turn your existing relationship into a 24/7 Dom sub dynamic.

What you'll learn

On completion of the course you'll be a confident submission and know exactly how to create the Dom sub dynamic you've always craved.

  • Understand domination and submission in BDSM

  • Accept yourself and your kinky desires using the Shame Shell Removal technique

  • Discover what style of submission suits your best using a five step process

  • Find a suitable Dominant and communicate effectively with new or existing partners

  • Develop your very own style of submissive energy and seduce your partner

  • Know how to please and pleasure your Dominant

  • Engage in BDSM in a safe and consensual way

  • Integrate dominance, submission, and other BDSM aspects into new or existing relationships

  • Have hotter, kinkier sex than ever before


Chief from Kinky Events

Founder of Kinky Events

A London based male dominant on a mission to de-mystify Dom/sub dynamics. Chief writes about kink, BDSM, and his exploits on the London BDSM scene at

Live the kinky lifestyle you've always fantasised about.


  • Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied?

    Yes! We want you to be thrilled with the course and the to change your relationships for the better. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase you can email us for a full refund.

  • Is this course suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! In fact, it's designed for those new to the world of BDSM but who think they may want to try power play in the bedroom or in their everyday life. If this sounds like you, and you want to explore your kinky side, this course is for you.

  • Is the course suitable for female and male submissives?

    Yes. All the concepts discussed can be applied regardless of whether you identify as male or female or non-binary.

  • Why should I learn from you?

    I've been practising BDSM and D/s for the past 6 years, have attended multiple kinky parties and interacted with many Doms and subs, been featured in newspapers, host a BDSM podcast Conversations wtih a Dom, and am the founder of Kinky Events, a website which educates tens of thousands of people a month about how to engage in dominance and submission in a safe, consensual, and fun way.